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All Inclusive Board & Train:

Don’t let your pet be “That Dog” everywhere you go! Rude behavior like this will be a thing of the past, when I take your dog for a week; in the All Inclusive Board & Training program.

7-10 days living and training with Ryan
$1,775 + 2 FREE 1 on 1 Lessons

Do you find yourself being too busy to going to a dog training class? Or if you have a trip planned for a week or two , come home to your dog being fully trained. Our All Inclusive Board & Train is ideal for the work professional with long hours or dogs that have tough behavioral issues. When your pet stays with one of our professional trainers it allows us to instill the most optimal obedience. If you doubt your pet can be controlled off leash we guarantee you will be able to have off leash control with this popular program. For pet owners who are concerned with knowing how to follow through with the the solid obedience training we have taught. Rest assured you will gain the skills and confidence from our 1 on 1 lessons (included.) Upon completion of our All Inclusive Board & Train your beloved pet will:

» Come when called
» Sit
» Down
» Place
» Heel by your side (past distractions)
» Controlled with distractions
» Wait at the door
» Stay with distractions
» Hike on/off leash

Private 1 on 1 Lessons:

Do you see what this dog owner is doing wrong? Can you read the dog’s body language? I can help you understand both with 1 on 1 Lessons!

1 on 1 Lessons: We guarantee our results as long as we address 1 issue per lesson.

» 1 Lesson: $150
» 2 Lessons: $275
» 3 Lessons: $375
» 4 Lessons: $450
» 5 Lessons: $525

Why not learn from our years of experience? Allow us to consolidate the our knowledge for you and share the most useful tips and tricks of the trade. The purpose of our 1 on 1 lessons is to address the specific behaviors you are seeking. We value your time and won’t both you with learning theory, but we will teach useful and practical dog psychology. The great part of our private 1 on 1 lessons is that you will gain more confidence in your pet resulting in you incorporating them more into your life.

You’ll find our proven training system is presented in a friendly and easy to use format. We follow a tried and trued approach: Describing, where we will explain what we will be doing and the reason why, Demonstrate, we will show you what you are about to do and explain the typical stuck points, Do, here we show you our strong desire to help people and their dogs by coaching you in a common sense and kind manner. Completion of the 1 on 1 lessons will result in your having the dog you always knew you could have.

Virtual Video Training:


I can teach you basic commands, advanced tricks or help with dog aggression via Video Coaching.

$125, per video lesson – Includes reviewing video of behavior problem before Virtual Video Lesson.

Believe it or not we have great success with training clients through out the world via Skype video training. It works by simply, sending us video footage of the issue you are having. We will watch and assess what is going on and figure out ways to approach the issue. Then we set up a virtual training lesson where we address the behavioral issue or the topic you would like to learn. The reason this type of coaching is beneficial is because once we know what issue you are having with your pet we know there are common reasons for the unruly behavior. Essentially, from our expertise a lot of behavior becomes predictable once we can watch your dog once on video and have a brief discussion on what you are experiencing. Virtual training isn’t limited to just stopping annoying behavior we can also teach your dog to walk a treadmill, how to swim or tricks to name few.

Phone Coaching:

There is a lot of information online about dog training. Not all of the content out there is helpful. Let me explain the pros and cons of the different training systems. Or, I can help you select dog as a pet, sport dog or police working canine.

$75, I will give you solutions to any behavioral issue you are having or discuss any dog relating questions.

If you would like uninterrupted time to ask our pros anything dog related, here is your opportunity! The better you are able to describe what you need help with, the more precise we can be with our coaching instruction. We have offered our phone coaching for a large variety of uses, things like: breed selection, how to pick the right puppy, how to potty train and how to make a dog “heel.” Phone coaching is designed to be for 1 hour and we do offer just one call if that is all you would like.

Dog Trainer’s School

In the Dog Training School you’ll learn: clicker methods, free shaping, leash and collar(s), and e-collar training; just to name a few!

$7,000, You will have all the skills and know how to open up Your Own Dog Training Business.

Have you always wanted to be a dog trainer? Maybe you feel that dream is unattainable, we can help make that dream a reality! Not only will you learn how to train dogs, you should expect to make a great living. Well over $10,000 a month is a modest number. After years in the dog training industry and thousands of clients we have learned what works and what doesn’t. The great part of learning from a successful and experienced trainer is you won’t have to make the same mistakes we have. In fact, you will learn how to predict what will happen before it actually occurs. That is valuable especially when working an aggressive dog case.
You’ll be give a manual that will answer all the questions you can think of, from how to answer to phone professionally to how to gain your clients referrals. We will cover everything you will need prior to launching your new business. If you don’t have a brand (logo) we can help you with that too. Think of us as your one stop shop for everything dog training.

We will share the pros and cons of each training system and ensure you are proficient with all of them. Having practice with numerous dogs is important we will ensure you get hands on experience with a variety of dogs, big, small, fearful and aggressive.

The most important thing to know is we are here to help and want to see you succeed.

Dog Trainer Consulting:

Whether you need help with a demo dog, branding or gaining more sales. I can help you grow your dog training business.

Whether you need help with a demo dog, branding or gaining more sales. I can help you grow your dog training business.

Call for Pricing

There are a lot of wonderful dog trainers out there. However, not all dog trainers are skilled in the area of business. Lucky for you we can help. We offer consulting to dog trainers looking to give their business a boost. If you aren’t currently making a six figure income, we encourage you to find out how we can help you earn a great living doing what you love. Whether you are seeking to turn your part time business into full time or looking for ways to make your current operation more efficient, we are fully capable of guiding you in achieving your goals. We pride ourselves in helping others, whether is be building a stronger brand or finding ways to increase revenue. Sharing our information is vital to your success and we understand that there is no shortage of dogs that need training. Therefore, we are completely comfortable sharing all the secrets we have found to be useful along with way. Some of our dog trainer consulting services include:

» Advanced Dog Training Skills
» Marketing/Advertising
» Brand development and growth strategy
» Growing your business
» Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly coaching
» How to gain more clients
» Website Development/ SEO (search engine optimization)
» Taking your demo dog to the next level
» How to handle aggressive dog cases
» Phone consulting, Skype conversation or private in person coaching/training

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Dog training ECourse

Dog training ECourse
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Before Ryan our dog was out of control. We could not stop the general lack of obedience. After the first lesson with Ryan our dog learned a lot and has improved leaps and bounds. We now take our dog off leash on trails, camping and the park. Thanks for all your help with Ollie.

By: Jeff and Sara G.

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful it is to have Bridey around since her training. We are amazed at how well she is behaving.

By: Adrienne C.

If you want a very happy well trained dog this program is the way to go. I have tried other trainers but they just did’nt work for us. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time yelling at your pet give Ryan a try. Work with
him and you and your pet will be happier.

By: Nita B.

When we brought Luna to training we didn’t know what to expect. Actually, we were a little doubtful even though we heard great things about the company. But, we have been to other trainers in the past without much success. We saw a total transformation in only two lessons. In did 4 lessons total and we now enjoy our Luna off leash at parks, she is behaved when visitors come over and she is just more enjoyable overall!

By: Denise and Richard Y.

My dog behaved well but only in our house without much distractions. Through training I learned my dog has a difficult time listening when other things has his interest. The trainer taught me how to get my dogs focus around distractions. Now, we pass other dogs on a walks and out in public without any issues. Our walks are now relaxing for the two of us and I find I want to take him with me more because he is so well behaved. I highly recommend you give Ryan and the Canine Connection a try, I promise you won’t regret it. They know there stuff, not only will they get you great results but you will learn know your dog thinks.

By: Carlos E.
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