Private 1-On-1 Dog Training

Private 1-on-1 Lessons (International)

Are you looking for virtual dog training classes?We guarantee results as long as we address one issue per lesson.

If you’re like many of our clients, you love in-person training so you can better understand your dog with a professional on-hand, and enjoy the perks of having someone answer your questions on the spot!

Tired of teeth marks on your butt? Good. Because if you’re here, you already know your pup needs help in the ol’ training department.

The purpose of 1-on-1 lessons is to address specific behaviors with a trusted professional who carries years of experience and a proven track record for success. And our head trainer, Ryan’s got 70+ years of experience!! (well, in dog years)

You’re busy – we get it! And your time is valuable. We take that seriously! Instead of spending hours on end talking about theory, we dive straight into useful and practical dog psychology.

The most exciting part of 1-on-1 lessons are the RESULTS!!

As you begin to see how quickly your furry friend is learning new tricks (yep, even the old pups – whoever said, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” has never worked with Ryan!), you’ll gain confidence in your pooch as well as confidence in yourself as its owner. As this happens and your dog begins responding to you accordingly, you’ll have the freedom to incorporate more of your knowledge day after day.

Using our proven, easy to use format, we opt for a friendly approach to training based on the three-pillars:

  • Describe.
  • Demonstrate.
  • Do.

First, we explain what we will be doing and why. This will make it easier for you to remember commands and when to use them. Then, we show you what you are about to do and explain the typical sticking points. And finally, to get you and your dog familiar with all that you’re learning, we give you the leash and coach you both. We believe in using a common-sense as well as a kind approach to training.

And, the part everyone loves most… COMPLETION OF 1-ON-1 LESSONS! Once you’ve finished our program, you will have one heck of a well-behaved dog! The connection between K-9 and owner is a sacred bond. We love seeing our pup + person teams come out with smiles – confident, happy and relieved.

The only thing you’ve got to lose is muddy paw prints on your pants!