Tami OBrien

We reached out to World of Dog Training on a recommendation. This was the best decision we could have made.
Our two recently adopted German Shepherd rescues, not unexpectedly, came with some behavioral issues. They would fight any time I would play or pay attention to either of them. Quinn doesn’t want the ball but she doesn’t want Emmi to have it so that would also result in a fight. Emmi would attempt to swallow my entire hand when taking a treat. At that time the solution was one dog locked in her crate while the other one received attention.
And then came Ryan – his dog training is awesome. His ability to get humans to understand dog behavior and provide the tools to manage & obtain desired results was more than we ever expected.
The dogs love the training ‘sessions’. But most of the time I don’t think they realize when we are practicing. I can now play fetch with Emmi while Quinn runs around the yard ignoring the ball. They sit and wait until asked to come in the house and crocodile Emmi now takes treats gently. Every day the progress that is made only reinforces our decision to reach out to Ryan and that rescuing 2 dogs at once was worth it.

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