FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is World Of Dog Training and what services do you offer?

A. World Of Dog Training is an in depth dog training company that provides dog training via online eLearning, books, private lessons and a dog trainers school. All the content is created by renowned army K-9 trainer, Ryan Matthews.

Q. What type of dog training do you use?

A. We use a balanced training approach. There are typically two schools of thought. One is reward based/positive reinforcement and the other is correction based. We use all methods. We like to show you on the different training methods so you can make an informed decision on what method is best for you and your dog.

Q.How long is the Dog Training eCourse?

A. Our online training library has over 130 lessons and videos. Your can move at your own pace and have 24/7 on demand access wherever you are.

Q.What topics are covered in the eCourse?

A. Finally, you have access to a massive amount of training in detail. We cover: The 4 Pillars, Technique types, eCollar Method, Clicker Method, Leash Method, Puppy Training, Potty Training, Dog Psychology, Socialization, Aggression, Hobbies, Hyper Dogs,
1st Time Dog Owners, Common Obedience, Door Manners, Naughty Dogs, Fearful Dogs, Leash Pulling and more. This is truly your one stop shop for all your dog training needs.

Q. Can you offer a training guarantee? What is your refund policy?

A. We have a 30 day full money back guarantee. When you follow my dog training principles, try your best and do the home work, your dog will be trained.

Q.What is the right age for beginning dog Training?

A. We recommend training a dog as soon as your get it. For example, start training a puppy on “Puppy Basics” as soon as you bring the pup into your home. Overall, there is no right age. Instead there is a right time, which is right NOW

Q. My dog is a senior, can you still train it?

A. The old adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” isn’t true unless we are talking about spouses. We have trained dogs as old as 12 years. Dogs are extremely versatile and willing to change with great guidance

Q. Do I need to bring my dog to you?

A. We like training sessions to be realistic. Therefore, we prefer to train in the environment that you are having the issues in. Typically, that means your home. This is why our eLearning platform is ideal as you can learn in your own environment. We can also come to you if you prefer hands on training with us.

Q. If I have more than one dog, does that make a difference in training multiple dogs in one time?

A. We have a large number of dog owners who have multiple dogs. We follow a foundational training system that promotes a “Simple to Complex” approach. We recommend you work with each dog individually until a strong foundation is built, then begin to add the other dogs into the equation.

Q. Are there any of breed of dogs that cannot be trained?

A. Often, we hear too many people judge a dog based on breed. To be fair there are breed characteristics, however any breed can be trained. Some dogs such as a Shiba Inu can be a bit more difficult than others, which require a bit more follow through

Q.How many lessons does it take to get results?

A. Great question! Sorry but we have to give you the attorney answer, “it depends.” Typically, we can fix one issue per lesson. This is why we have our eLearning platform separated so you can focus on one issue at a time. If you give it your best effort, we can get your dog from good to great!

Q. I want to become a dog trainer, can you train me to be a professional dog trainer?

A. We love teaching others to have a successful career in dog training. We teach a variety of things such as: marketing, advertising, sales, networking, how to train fearful, hyper and average dogs, investment guidance and strategic partnerships to name a few.

Q. Can I book Ryan for a speaking engagement?

A. One of our favorite things to do is share our knowledge with others and help the lives of others. For all speaking engagement requests, please email Ryan at ryan@worldofdogtraining.com .


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