FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How can you offer a training guarantee?

A. Let me clarify. When you follow my dog training principles, try your best and do the home work, your dog will be trained.

Q. What dog training methods do you use?

A. There is a joke in the dog training industry that the only thing the two dog trainers agree on is that the third doesn’t know anything. It’s because there is typically, two types of training schools. One is positive reinforcement and the second is more compulsion based. I use all methods. I like to educate you on the different training methods and help you make an informed decision on what method is best for you and your dog.

Q. I want to become a dog trainer, can you train me to be a professional dog trainer?

A. One of my greatest joys is sharing my gifts and talents with others. I love teaching others to have a successful career in dog training. I teach a variety of things such as: marketing, advertising, sales, networking, how to train fearful, hyper and average dogs, investment guidance and strategic partnerships to name a few.

Q. Can you train any dog?

A. Tough question… To be completely honest, no, not all dogs can be trained. However, nearly all dogs can be trained regardless of how severe you think your dog’s issues may be. The type of dogs that in some instances cannot be trained are dogs that have neurological issues.

Q. Do you train dogs that live far from Southern California?

A. Absolutely, you have a few different options to receive my training education. If you are a reader you can learn my valuable training principles from my book “The Canine Connection.” Or, if you are a visual learner, like myself you can watch my dog training video eCourses. Lastly, if you prefer a more high touch type of training I can coach you via phone or video. Don’t let distance get in the way I have clients all over the world.

Q. I’ve seen some of your workshops where you speak about behavior. How can I book you for a speaking engagement?

A. One of my favorite things to do is share my knowledge with others and help the lives of others. To book Ryan Matthews for a speaking engagement email your request and include when, where and how long of a presentation you are looking for. worldofdogtraining@gmail.com

Q. My dog is a senior, can you still train it?

A. The old adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” isn’t true unless we are talking about spouses. I have trained dogs as old as 12 years. Dogs are extremely versatile and willing to change with great guidance.

Q. What is World Of Dog Training and what services do you offer?

A. World Of Dog Training is a dog training company that provides training education via eCourse videos, dog training books, private lessons and a dog trainers school. All the content is created by renowned dog trainer Ryan Matthews.

Q.Do you come to my home for training? Or do I bring my dog to you?

A. I like training sessions to be realistic. Therefore, I prefer to train in the environment that you are having the issues in. Typically, that means your home. Additionally, I do not charge extra to travel to you.

Q.What is the right age for beginning Dog Training?

A. I recommend training a dog as soon as your get it. For example, start training a puppy on “Puppy Basics” as soon as you bring the pup into your home. Overall, there is no right age. Instead there is a right time, which is right NOW.

Q.Do you train the dog for me or do you teach me how to train my dog?

A. I have some clients that are extremely busy. To help give you the dog you’ve always dreamed of, I offer a Board & Train program where I will train the dog for you. After I train your dog, you’ll have one on one lessons so I can teach you how to follow through on the strong foundation I have created. Some clients like learning the nuisances of dog training. In those instances, I work with them one on one and enhance their dog handler skills. With this approach people become empowered and own the knowledge of how to train their dog.

Q.If I have more than one dog, does that make a difference in training multiple dogs in one time?

A. I have a large number of dog owners who have multiple dogs. Initially, we will follow my foundational training system that promotes a “Simple to Complex” approach. That means we will work with each dog individually until we build a strong foundation, then we will begin to add the other dogs into the equation.

Q.Are there any of breed of dogs that cannot be trained?

A. Often, I hear too many people judge a dog based on breed. To be fair there are breed characteristics, however any breed can be trained. Some dogs such as a Shiba Inu can be a bit more difficult than others. Siberian Huskie owners your dogs are also included in the “a little more challenging to train” category.

Q.In case we opt for your services, what are the payment options? What is your refund policy if the services are not satisfactory?

A. Currently the only payment options are offered for my Dog Trainers Course. In that case I offer 3 payments. Regarding refunds, if you can demonstrate that you have applied my training principles and you have not had any results, I will give you a full refund.

Q.Do you offer group classes?

A. I do offer lifestyle group classes. We go on outings as a big pack. We go hiking or set up play dates with other like minded clients and dog owners. However, everyone must first have a foundation of training with their dog via one on one lessons. I do this to set you up for success. I cannot watch everyone in a group class environment, therefore the quality of my training is compromised.

Q.Why don’t you offer one single lesson?

A. Offering just one single lesson would show I don’t care about your success and results. I pride myself on offering high quality dog training. I require at least two lessons, therefore, the second lessons serves as a way for me to ensure you are able to perform the skills I shared at the previous lesson.

Q.How many lessons does it take to get results?

A. Great question! Sorry but I have to give you the attorney answer, “it depends.” Typically, we can fix 1-2 issues per lesson. If you give it your best effort we can get most dogs from good to great in 3-5 lessons.

Q.How much does training cost?

A. Training cost varies based on what service you want. The most economical form of receiving my dog training education is by ordering my eBook “The Canine Connection” ($4.99). The top shelf service I offer is where I teach you to become a dog trainer. Depending on the level of training/business coaching you need the price varies from $7,500-$15,000. Note: There aren’t many careers you can get into for that small amount of money, that reap over $100,000 annual income!

Q.What topics are covered in “The Canine Connection” book?

A. There are a broad range of categories in the book. Some of the chapters are: First Time Dog Owners, Common Training Methods, Socialization, From the Veterinarian’s Scope, Aggression and The Life of a Dog Trainer.

Q.How long are the eCourse dog training videos?

A. Depending on the topic eCourse videos vary in length from 15 minutes up to 30 minutes. I also have a lot of short “How To” dog training videos on YouTube.

Q.How long are the training sessions?

A. I train with you to result not time. I have done short 30 minute lessons and even 3 hour lessons. All I care about is that you get the results that you want and that you and your dog are happy!

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Before Ryan our dog was out of control. We could not stop the general lack of obedience. After the first lesson with Ryan our dog learned a lot and has improved leaps and bounds. We now take our dog off leash on trails, camping and the park. Thanks for all your help with Ollie.

By: Jeff and Sara G.

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful it is to have Bridey around since her training. We are amazed at how well she is behaving.

By: Adrienne C.

If you want a very happy well trained dog this program is the way to go. I have tried other trainers but they just did’nt work for us. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time yelling at your pet give Ryan a try. Work with
him and you and your pet will be happier.

By: Nita B.

When we brought Luna to training we didn’t know what to expect. Actually, we were a little doubtful even though we heard great things about the company. But, we have been to other trainers in the past without much success. We saw a total transformation in only two lessons. In did 4 lessons total and we now enjoy our Luna off leash at parks, she is behaved when visitors come over and she is just more enjoyable overall!

By: Denise and Richard Y.

My dog behaved well but only in our house without much distractions. Through training I learned my dog has a difficult time listening when other things has his interest. The trainer taught me how to get my dogs focus around distractions. Now, we pass other dogs on a walks and out in public without any issues. Our walks are now relaxing for the two of us and I find I want to take him with me more because he is so well behaved. I highly recommend you give Ryan and the Canine Connection a try, I promise you won’t regret it. They know there stuff, not only will they get you great results but you will learn know your dog thinks.

By: Carlos E.
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