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Door Manners Solved: Jumping, Bolting & Wait at the Door (WATCH FREE VIDEO)

Door Manners Solved: Jumping, Bolting & Wait at the Door

Do you lock your dog up when guests come visit? Do you squeeze out of the front door because your dog is an escape artist and bolts out of it at any given chance? In this video, you will learn how to incorporate your dog into your lifestyle by learning how to teach visitor and door manners. Check out my eCourse: “Door Manners Solved: Jumping, Bolting, and Waiting at the Door” to gain the skills of a proud dog owner while entertaining visitors. In this online video, you will learn:

  • Wait at the Door
  • How to get your dog to Respect your personal Space
  • Your dog will go to a "Place" when guests arrive
  • Learning to read if/when your dog is about to Bolt out the Door
and much more!

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Before Ryan our dog was out of control. We could not stop the general lack of obedience. After the first lesson with Ryan our dog learned a lot and has improved leaps and bounds. We now take our dog off leash on trails, camping and the park. Thanks for all your help with Ollie.

By: Jeff and Sara G.

If you want a very happy well trained dog this program is the way to go. I have tried other trainers but they just did’nt work for us. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time yelling at your pet give Ryan a try. Work with
him and you and your pet will be happier.

By: Nita B.

When we brought Luna to training we didn’t know what to expect. Actually, we were a little doubtful even though we heard great things about the company. But, we have been to other trainers in the past without much success. We saw a total transformation in only two lessons. In did 4 lessons total and we now enjoy our Luna off leash at parks, she is behaved when visitors come over and she is just more enjoyable overall!

By: Denise and Richard Y.

My dog behaved well but only in our house without much distractions. Through training I learned my dog has a difficult time listening when other things has his interest. The trainer taught me how to get my dogs focus around distractions. Now, we pass other dogs on a walks and out in public without any issues. Our walks are now relaxing for the two of us and I find I want to take him with me more because he is so well behaved. I highly recommend you give Ryan and the Canine Connection a try, I promise you won’t regret it. They know there stuff, not only will they get you great results but you will learn know your dog thinks.

By: Carlos E.
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