Dog Trainer’s School

imgThere are a lot of wonderful dog trainers out there. However, not all dog trainers are skilled in the area of business. Lucky for you we can help. We offer consulting to dog trainers looking to give their business a boost. If you aren’t currently making a six figure income, we encourage you to find out how we can help you earn a great living doing what you love. Whether you are seeking to turn your part time business into full time or looking for ways to make your current operation more efficient, we are fully capable of guiding you in achieving your goals. We pride ourselves in helping others, whether is be building a stronger brand or finding ways to increase revenue. Sharing our information is vital to your success and we understand that there is no shortage of dogs that need training. Therefore, we are completely comfortable sharing all the secrets we have found to be useful along the way. Some of our dog trainer consulting services include:

-Advanced Dog Training Skills
-Brand development and growth strategy
-Growing your business
-Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly coaching
-How to gain more clients
-Website Development/ SEO (search engine optimization)
-Taking your demo dog to the next level
-How to handle aggressive dog cases
-Phone consulting, Skype conversation or private in person coaching/training


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