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Badly behaved dogs are a huge source of stress for pet parents. Often, people feel like there is nothing they can do. But that isn’t the case, you just need to find an experienced Newport Beach dog trainer to help you out. That’s right we can come to you where or wherever your dog’s behavior is the wildest, this way your training is practical and realistic. Even the most difficult dogs can be helped with the right training, so if you are stressed by your dog’s behavior and are terrified of being around your dog because they are so unpredictable or maybe just dread what could happen next, give us a call and our dog trainer in Newport Beach Ryan Matthews can help. If you’re worried your dog isn’t able to learn, too old to train or too bad off; you can relax. Ryan has trained thousands of dogs with a 99% success rate and his proven system will work for you too.

When you work with Ryan Matthews, your dog trainer in Orange County, you will get one-on-one training to help you deal with problems like leash pulling, house manners, not bolting out the door, constant barking, biting, and chewing furniture. During these simple lessons, our expert Newport Beach dog trainer Ryan Matthews will explain the methods, demonstrate them to you, and then coach you so you can put them into practice yourself. In just a short time (sometimes it’s instant), you will have much more confidence as an owner and your dog will be perfectly behaved. We understand that your time is valuable and you are desperate to sort out behavioral issues in your dog right away. That’s why we don’t waste time talking about training theory or where you might have gone wrong in the past. Instead, we jump straight into practical advice that will help you manage your dog’s behavior.

Even though it might seem like there is nothing you can do, an experienced dog trainer (Ryan has been training dogs since 2002) in Orange County can turn things around for you so you can have the amazing relationship with your dog that you always wanted. Get in touch today to start your journey and get your dog’s behavior under control! Or call/email to schedule your FREE phone consultation 844.448.DOGS(3647),

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