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Your dog is supposed to be your loyal best friend, but sometimes, it doesn’t feel that way. If your dog’s behavior is out of control and you are constantly dealing with hardcore leash pulling, chewed furniture, biting, or barking, you’ll soon find yourself living furthest away from the dream you once had. But don’t worry, you just need the best dog trainer in Huntington Beach to help you get your furry friend under control again. If you tried other programs without success, you may be feeling like nothing will help, finally the answers you’ve been looking for are here.

Dog trainer Ryan Matthews has extensive experience dealing with badly behaved dogs so if you are at your wit’s end and you don’t know what to do, he is here to help. He has been training dogs professionally since 2002 with thousands of dogs successfully trained. When people have tried everything else and they eventually decide to search for a dog trainer near me, they are always amazed by the incredible results, after all, life is too short to struggle with your dog. Through in-person training sessions, your dog will turn from a badly behaved hot mess to a perfect pooch in no time at all. We call it achieving dream dog status. You know, being able to take your dog out to your favorite outdoor restaurant, allow your doggo to run freely at HB dog beach, hike trails in Orange County or stroll the farmers’ market on Main Street with ease and enjoyment.

Using our simple 3 pillar system; describe, demonstrate, do, we will explain the methods needed to help your dog, demonstrate how to put them into practice, and then coach you as you try them yourself. As you start working with a professional dog trainer HB, you will gain confidence in your dog and in yourself as an owner, allowing you to form a better relationship and manage their behavior easily. Now, if you are thinking this will take a long time, it won’t. In fact, most clients only need 5-8 private one on one lessons to achieve everything they dreamed of with their dog.

If your badly behaved dog is giving you sleepless nights, get in touch with Ryan Matthews, your HB local (since 1980 something) dog trainer in Huntington Beach today and start your journey to stress-free dog ownership and having the dog of your dreams! Contact 844.448.DOGS (3647) or to schedule a FREE discovery call.

Areas Served:

We provide dog training services in the following cities and counties in California, Florida, and New York.

Cities: Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Diego, San Francisco

Counties: Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, San Francisco County, Miami-Dade County