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Selecting the Right Dog

Dated: 19th. February, 18  |  Posted by: admin  |  Category: Dog Food, Dog Training

As a family, you may have decided the house could use a new addition, and that it will come in the form of a dog. Sounds simple, right? You may find yourself wondering for selecting the right dog for your family. It’s not that easy if you are going to

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6 Major Signs of dog aggression

Dated: 15th. February, 18  |  Posted by: admin  |  Category: Dog Food, Dog Training, Dog Training Book

Dog aggression is one such wild behavior and it should not be ignored. So have a glace at these six major signs of dog aggression and use a positive reinforcement to train good behavior. Mouthing, without biting down hard: The mouthing of an aggressive dog is not to be confused

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Dog Training Technique Using Free Shaping

Dated: 15th. February, 18  |  Posted by: admin  |  Category: Dog Food, Dog Training

Have you ever played the game hotter and colder? If so, that is exactly what the next Dog Training Ecourse method is like. Free Shaping with a clicker is when a dog learns via the handler controlling the environment and position in which the reward is offered. Once you grasp

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Dog Grooming

Dated: 10th. July, 17  |  Posted by: admin  |  Category: Dog Food, Dog Training

Grooming Your Dog (Provided by DVM Patricia Mahoney, Full Circle Veterinary Care) A young puppy doesn’t have the natural ability to replenish the oils in their skin until about 12 weeks, so don’t groom it more than once a month. If you bathe a dog regularly, be sure to use

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Dog Food

What Should I Feed My Dog?

Dated: 12th. June, 17  |  Posted by: admin  |  Category: Dog Food, Dog Training

Dog Food : What should I feed my dog? (Provided by DVM Patricia Mahoney, Full Circle Veterinary Care) There are a lot of different types of dog food available. Not only are there numerous brands, flavors and manufactures but a variety of ways that food is offered. The bottom line

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Before Ryan our dog was out of control. We could not stop the general lack of obedience. After the first lesson with Ryan our dog learned a lot and has improved leaps and bounds. We now take our dog off leash on trails, camping and the park. Thanks for all your help with Ollie.

By: Jeff and Sara G.

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful it is to have Bridey around since her training. We are amazed at how well she is behaving.

By: Adrienne C.

If you want a very happy well trained dog this program is the way to go. I have tried other trainers but they just did’nt work for us. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time yelling at your pet give Ryan a try. Work with
him and you and your pet will be happier.

By: Nita B.

When we brought Luna to training we didn’t know what to expect. Actually, we were a little doubtful even though we heard great things about the company. But, we have been to other trainers in the past without much success. We saw a total transformation in only two lessons. In did 4 lessons total and we now enjoy our Luna off leash at parks, she is behaved when visitors come over and she is just more enjoyable overall!

By: Denise and Richard Y.

My dog behaved well but only in our house without much distractions. Through training I learned my dog has a difficult time listening when other things has his interest. The trainer taught me how to get my dogs focus around distractions. Now, we pass other dogs on a walks and out in public without any issues. Our walks are now relaxing for the two of us and I find I want to take him with me more because he is so well behaved. I highly recommend you give Ryan and the Canine Connection a try, I promise you won’t regret it. They know there stuff, not only will they get you great results but you will learn know your dog thinks.

By: Carlos E.
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