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What Dog Breeds Are Most Aggressive?

Dated: 12th. June, 17  |  Posted by: admin  |  Category: Dog Training, How To become A Dog Trainer, How To Train My Puppy

I would agree with that some breeds are typically more aggressive than others; however a breed does not define a dog. I prefer to give a dog the benefit of the doubt once I have consulted with their owner and observed a dog on my own. For example, there is

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Dog Aggression

Dated: 6th. April, 16  |  Posted by: admin  |  Category: Dog Training

Dog aggression stems from a dog’s innate desire to control space and dominance. Aggression is the most common and serious behavior problem in dogs. In most dogs, aggression gradually gets worse. If the handler doesn’t have means to stop this behavior, it does increase. It’s important to be able to

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